About ROSIE DOre

Hello there! I am a beekeeper and illustrator living in Kent, with a love of plants and animals. It is my aim to create nature-based art and stories for people to escape into. Preferably whilst listening to Nick Drake or Thomas Newman and dreaming of somewhere magical and far away...


Please feel free to get in contact if you have any queries!

Random Facts About Me

• I was born in Greenwich, London but grew up in Canterbury, and have also lived in Bologna, Bristol and Plymouth.

• When I was 4 and we were living in Italy there was a parade where the girls dressed up as various princesses, and when my parents asked me what I wanted to go as I said Zorro. So they made me a Zorro costume complete with sword and mask ⚔️ I also loved doing kickboxing and kung fu as a teenager. I guess I’ve always wanted to be my own rescuer.

• I currently own 9 plants and 7 of them are dying.  😭 Help! I wish I wasn’t a plant serial killer, I love them so much.

• I’ve been beekeeping for roughly 3 years now, and our 4 hives are named after inspiring women: Rosa (Parks), Maya (Angelou), Frida (Kahlo) and Ada (Lovelace).

• Animals are my biggest love in the world. I wish I could wave a magic wand and make them all happy, healthy and free. I think people can learn a lot from them. Did you know to protect themselves from hornets (which can decimate colonies), honey bees are known to attack the massive insect as a team, surrounding it in a ball of bees. They detach and vibrate their flight muscles, generating heat and roast the hornet to death. The bees in the middle of the ball usually die too, sacrificing themselves for the good of their colony. 🐝 Not saying we should all roast ourselves to death, but I think there’s something to be said about coming together for a larger cause.